The Course

The Course

Pickering Golf Club has been serving Ontario golfers since 1953. Formerly Seaton Golf Club, Pickering Golf Club seen a lot of changes over the past 10 years. In 2010, with a new housing development opening, Pickering was reduced to only 7 holes.

After being closed for the 2011 & 2012 seasons to build 2 new holes, and renovate the existing 7 holes, we reopened in 2013 as a 9 hole golf course. Tee times can be booked 7 days in advance, or walk-ons are welcomed and will be accommodated based on availability.

Hole by Hole
Warm Up

Par 5, 477 Yards

This short par 5 is a nice warm up to your round. With a good tee shot, finding the fairway sets up a good possibility for birdie. Watch for the bunker on the right side on top of the hill. If you choose to go for it in two shots, accuracy is important with trees left and right and a marsh behind the green.

Find the Fairway

Par 4, 442 Yards

Accuracy off the tee is a must on this long par 4. With water all along the left side and trees down the right it is important to find the fairway off the tee. Your approach shot is downhill to a subtle undulating green. Par here is a great score.

Beware the Bunkers

Par 3, 178 Yards

The first of 3 par 3’s. Accuracy and distance control is a must off this tee with fescue long and trees surrounding the hole. Although not noticeable from the tee there is a little room right of the green where the trees end and the fescue starts. Hitting short leaves you with a tricky up and down. Par is a great score, bogey is ok too.

Looks can be deceiving

Par 3, 136 Yards

The second of 3 par 3’s. Looks can be deceiving. This short hole can cause a lot of problems short, left, or right and will leave you struggling to make par or even bogey. If you are unsure on the tee, take one more club and hit it off of the hill behind the green and hope for it to roll back down towards the green. Remember your tee shot is downhill, so you will need to adjust for that.

Left is Best

Par 4, 351 Yards

A tee shot placed just down the left side of the fairway will set you up with a short approach shot and a great chance at birdie. The further right you go you run into a risk of being blocked out by a green side tree short right of the green. Do not go long over the green.

Risk Reward

Par 4, 321 Yards

This short par 4 is all risk reward. The longer hitters can try for the green, but if you miss you are now faced with a chip out from the trees if you miss left, right or long. If you choose to just hit an iron off the tee it will leave you with a short chip shot in. This is a new green and my advice is to bump and run your approach shot in. Play this hole right and birdies will be made.

Watch for water

Par 5, 481 Yards

Fairly straight forward hole, what you see off the tee is what you get. Remember the pond all down the left side. Try to keep your tee shot down the right side of the fairway as the further off the tee you get the narrower the left side of the fairway gets. A longer hitter may try to go for this in 2 shots, just watch out for the pond to the left of the green.

Last but Longest

Par 3, 232 Yards

This is the last, but the longest of the par 3’s. Play for the middle of the green. There is some room to the left and to the right of the green, so if you do miss par is still an option with an up and down.

Finish Strong

Par 4, 385 Yards

Accuracy off the tee is a must on this hole. There are bunkers up the left side of the fairway and if you miss it right it kicks right towards the hazard. Down the middle and far enough to clear the hill will leave you 100 yard approach to a small green. There is room to miss the green and still leave you with a good chance at par.